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go links

go link Type Target Description
go/ddevault Public go link go/sircmpwn go link alias
go/discord Public go link Discord stuff in digital garden
go/discord/yugipedia Public go link Yugipedia Discord server invite link
go/dotfiles Public go link Dotfiles repo shortlink
go/edit Public go link go/edit/workers go link alias
go/edit/links Public go link, gated access via Cloudflare dashboard Workers KV for golinks in general
go/edit/workers Public go link Edit link to production code for golinks on Cloudflare dashboard
go/story8 Public go link (mirror for tailnet) TBD Gildedguy Story 8 YouTube video
go/today Tailnet-only go link{{.Now.Format "2006-01-02"}} Today's draft entry on daily note

Wiki/digital garden specific

These wiki-specific go links can be accessible by prefixing them with (also works on main website).

TODO: add wiki-specific links