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Weekly Dump

Daily Note 2024-06-09 and Weekly Wrap Issue No. 1

Here's a quick summary of what's cooking behind the scenes today alongside anything else you missed this week, June 9, 2024:

  • For this week's edition of the Weekly Wrap (stats galore)
    • What did you missed this week
    • From my Wakatime stats this week1: I am literally on VS Code for more than half a day (12h+) this week, mostly to edit Markdown files on my personal wiki locally, although I do use GitHub's web editor (VS Code for Web edition) and Codespaces for some.
    • For the recap yesterday, apologies if I didn;t write one: Nothing particular happened, just a day off updating my personal wiki in the machine to rest up and catch up with my Duolingo streak before clock strikes midnight.
    • For my listening activity at for the period of May 31 to June 6 (archived link):
      • Scrobbled 559 tracks (up 38% from last week), with 66 this week on 9:00 PM hour block.
      • Listened for almost 2 days (1 day 23 hours), averaging 80 scrobbles per day, with 126 as highest this week on June 3.
      • For the music ratio, I listened to 110 tracks (with ratio of 5.08 scrobbles/track compared to 87 with ratio of 6.43 last week) from 41 artists (ratio of 13.63 scrobbles/artist compared to 39 last week with ratio of 14.33) across 49 albums (ration of 11.41 scrobbles/album vs 36 last week with ratio of 15.53).
      • Top Album, Song and Track: Starcadian 2 and his Sunset Blood album | BOSSFIGHT's Ballistic (also top new track and album as single this week)
    • Perfect attendance this week on Duolingo's Spanish or Vanish sessions (7 out of 7 days this week, totaling 174 days streak, compared with 6 last week).3
  • What I have been listening to (check today's scrobbles):

That's all for now, see you again soon for another daily note. If I miss something today, I may edit this page or just add it for next daily note instead. Take care, and keep it decent in the comments.

  1. Downloading dashboard stats involves upgrading to premium, so apologies if I couldn't dump the screenshot of my dashboard for now here. 

  2. For the uninitated (hello there if you have watched Gildedguy Story 6 earlier), he makes "ear movies" or music with lore in a nutshell. 

  3. Track my progress at and follow me if you do.