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Daily Note 2024-06-07

Here's a quick summary of what's cooking behind the scenes today, June 7, 2024:

  • Actually enabled comments for daily notes (currently on per-entry basis until meta officially graduates from Insiders-only status), using a self-hosted instance of giscus. You can try it out now below and it'll be appear in the andreijiroh-dev organization discussions in GitHub.
  • Officially installed Node.js into my custom mkdocs Docker image through copying files from the official Docker image (and some symlink trickery)
  • Yesterday, I added docs for golinks, will work on Content Migration status reports later in the weekend.
  • What I have been listening to (check today's scrobbles):

    • TTPD on Spotify?!? (interpretting the lyrics, ey? Also lurking around r/TaylorSwift for hints maybe.)

    • I may feel like a madlad lately, but I listened to the whole album in order (from a community playlist) for the full experience. As my older sister told me, I may become the first (and only) Swiftie in the family once I go deeper into the discography in the future.

    • Still playing some of Starcadian's music on loop, of course.
    • Fresh from The Vergecast: Apple's AI moment is coming at 40m55s (If they do AI-generated emojis as JPEG images through RCS at WWDC (some even shortened it as "dub dub"), that would be chaotically funny at same time bloody for Android users.)

That's all for now, see you again soon for another daily note. If I miss something today, I may edit this page or just add it for next daily note instead. Take care, and keep it decent in the comments.