Daily Note 2024-06-02

It's been more than 7 months since the last one and it's nice I could do it all again here in the new wiki, and it's good to be back again with the daily journaling hellscapes.

By the way, here's a quick summary of what's cooking behind the scenes today, June 2, 2024:

That's all for now, see you again soon for another daily note. If I miss something today, I may edit this page or just add it for next daily note instead. Take care.

  1. You may not realize this, but Starcadian's music has lore in it, its storyline is similar Alan Walker's and PYLOT's, although this may hit hard for Lord Hurdon listeners. Also got hooked into Alien Victory first after Gildedguy Story 6 

  2. Listened first with MORE MORE MORE from one of the previews on X (Twitter) for Gildedguy: Automatica fan animation 

  3. Gonne too deep and the wiki page made me say "oh my god" in Scar's voice